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Disney world Orlando

Added: Jul 29, 2015
Category: Disney World in Orlando, Florida

 If you want to visit Walt Disney world Orlando. This post will give you tips to save time and money on Walt Disney World. Disney has a lot of theme parks, many hotels and restaurants, and a mixed bag of extra amusement exercises and choices that can make for difficult decisions when visiting. Walt Disney World can be extremely busy and knowing how to get the most out of a day will help with your visit.

Most first-time tourist just thinks about the theme parks, Downtown Disney, and the water parks. That is only part of what Walt Disney World brings to the table. There are tours, golf, fishing, nightlife, shopping, fireworks, travel and substantially more.

Plan properly, do just one park a day. There is too much to do to try and race it all in. There should be no rush.


Great time to visit:-


Walt Disney World can busy, and the time of year you visit can have a dramatic impact on how so and the wait times you encounter for attractions. Summer is high season and hot. There are visitors from across the globe there enjoying themselves. The early fall, December preceding Christmas and mid-January through to March are quieter times to visit from the viewpoint of numbers.


Where to stay:-


There are various luxurious non-Disney hotels in Orlando, and there are Disney Themed hotels that are within Disney grounds. There are a lot of Non Disney cheaper hotels and motels in Kissimmee. Please consider that cheap for a hotel is just that and there will be no frills about them. If the whole Disney experience is important then we recommend staying in a Disney hotel. Alternatively for great value, stay in a house near to Disney. All the family can then be together in a more relaxed atmosphere.


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